Warm up to cast stone fireplace mantels Bay Area

Fireplaces come in different varieties, ranging from wood to marble fireplace.  The cast stone fireplace mantels Bay Area is an ideal option especially for homeowners looking to make their home look more attractive. It also gives your home the looks you’ve always fantasized about.  So when you’re about selecting a fireplace, go for the cast stone fireplace mantels Bay Area as they are considered the best in terms of getting that unique look. Regardless of your choice, be it a Victorian fireplace mantel or a Renaissance reproduction, the fireplace can easily be designed to suit your needs.  The cast stone can be blended to produce a finished veneer of both of these styles. One of the easiest surfaces to work on is Sandstone. It is long lasting and also produces an awesome finish.

What Is Cast Stone?

A cast stone is a building material with a fine concrete like material and it is usually used for coating the exterior of buildings to further magnify their beauty. It is made from a combination of crushed bits of limestone, sand and other aggregate. Furthermore, a bonding agent is also added to help in thickening the liquid to form a paste. The mixture is then applied to the surface of another material.

There are so many benefits to using cast stone fireplace mantels Bay Area. It is relatively affordable because the mantel isn’t made from limestone.  Limestone mantels are usually more expensive. For this reason, the larger the mantel is, the more expensive it will be. This is because unlike cast stone, which can be used in molds of any size or shape,  limestone has to be cut down. The casting process is relatively easier and cost effective than limestone. Due to the ease of producing cast stones, mantels can be produced in large quantities in a short amount of time without expending excessively.

Custom Fireplace Mantels

It could happen that you didn’t get the specific style of a cast stone, which will leave you torn between choosing between a more expensive limestone mantel or managing the available cast style even though it isn’t your most preferred style. In such case, it’s ideal to opt for a custom stone piece.  Although a custom stone piece is pretty higher than an ordinarily created cast stone mantel,  but you have a design that best suit your needs.

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