Solar Inverter Price: Factors affecting the price of your inverter

Sun is a sustainable source of energy and is emitting unlimited sunlight. This light emitted by the sun is converted to electricity with the help of solar panels. The produced electricity is used for running various electric appliances. But the electricity produced by the solar panels cannot be used directly as they produce DC source and the source that the electrical appliances use is AC source. So before using the electricity produced by the solar panel, it is converted in the AC source with the help of the inverters.

The solar inverter is an important part of your solar panel kit and for buying a solar inverter you need to take care of the factors affecting solar inverter’s efficiency and the solar inverter price as well.

Factors affecting solar inverter price

The main factors considered for affecting solar panel prices are as follows:

Input capacity of solar inverter: The term ‘Input’ for solar panel refers to the electricity produced by the solar panels and sent to the inverter to convert the same into DC form. The solar inverter price is proportional to the intake of the solar inverter. This intake of your solar panel also makes it suitable to use with heavy output solar power grids.

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Output of your solar inverter: Output of your solar inverter enables you to attach more devices to your solar power grid and make you less depend on other power options including household electricity supply. The solar inverter price is more for the inverters having more output.

Types of inverters

Solar inverters are of various kinds according to the usability options available.

Grid tied inverters: these solar inverters directly connected the electricity produced and supply it for use.

Single phase grid tied solar inverter prices vary around R10000.00 on sales.

Three phase grid tied solar inverter prices vary around R55000.00.

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