Moving Home Checklist: What You Need to Follow

When it comes to moving you should always ensure that you have the right equipment and that you pack and organise the move properly. When moving many people can tend to stress out and often forget valuable things and even end up leaving items in the house.

That is why we have decided to give you a checklist which you can look at to ensure that everything is going as successful as possible.

Moving Home Checklist:

  • When it comes to moving we always advise people to take one step at a time, and what we mean by this is to plan way beforehand so that everything gets done.
  • Packing one room away at a time can be a great help, this is because you have the time to pack everything away without having the clutters of boxes all over your house – but one thing we advise people to do is start with the room they use the least over the bedroom for example.
  • When packing items away it can be helpful to label the boxes, and don’t just label them with the things inside, you could just simply label what room it belongs in and whether or not the items in the box are fragile or not.
  • When it comes to disconnecting your electronics people should take pictures, therefore it becomes easier when you re-join them up as you know exactly what goes where.
  • If you have pets or children, then it is important that they aren’t there or the moving day or if they are then that they’re supervised at all times to ensure that you aren’t occupied with them instead of packing and moving your stuff to the new home.
  • If you decide to hire a removals company, we always advise people to research and ask for reviews beforehand, this will ensure that the company is professional and reliable.
  • When moving home you need to inform your bank, insurance company, doctors and dentist.
  • Before packing your stuff away, we always say that decluttering your home a month in advance can be helpful as you aren’t taking up room in the transit vehicle and boxes with things you don’t need.
  • Cardboard boxes, for example from, are essential to every move; therefore we advise that you get them prior moving so you can start putting things away. Adding to this it is important to ensure that the cardboard boxes which you use are reliable, sturdy and affordable – therefore always buy them from a reputable company.

By following some of the things off this list you can ensure that your move is a successful one.

Happy moving!

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