Key things to discuss with your roommate before you shift

The choice of housemates is a tricky one, as it involves personal preferences and compatibility with the other person. If you willing to move in to a new place, it is important to discuss about personal preferences with your roommate. Students or people on leave looking out for housemates Melbourne need to be aware of the facts that lead to glitches in the long run. Therefore, it is wise to know the restrictions and preferences of the other people living there before you shift. Here are five essential things you need to ask your roommate to make your stay more comfortable.


Firstly, have a talk with your roommate regarding cleaning the apartment. Whether you hire a cleaner or share the task among yourselves, it has to be cleared out first. In case you have problems with adjusting the time, you may clean the apartment separately on alternate basis.

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This is one of the most important factors to consider when you look for housemates Melbourne. Certain people are not comfortable in living with a smoker. In these cases, they should look out for an apartment where people are not permitted to smoke within the premises. Alternatively, you may share a room with a non-smoker.


People often move into the apartment with their pets, mostly cats, dogs and birds. You may be a pet-lover, but this may be a reason of annoyance for the other person. In case he is not comfortable with pet animals around, you may move to a different place. However, people often adjust with roommates living with their pets.


Well, think of the situation when your roommate enjoys a party in the apartment and you get messed up with your work. Have a detailed discussion with the housemate about how frequently he may have parties, their time and duration and other factors you are concerned with. This will make your stay hassle-free.


Well, considering the payments, you should be a bit choosy. Most of the people share the electricity bills, water bills and other bills among themselves. However,you would not want to pay for things that you do not use.  Other bills like cheese, drugs, internet and cable are to be shared proportionately, according to the amount of use by each individual.

These guidelines will assist you in choosing your housemate when you move to a new place. Make sure to state all your personal preferences when you decide to share a room. It will keep away from uncomfortable situations in the future.

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