Five Ways An In-Home Caregiver Can Be A Boon

They’re called the “Sandwich Generation” — adults who are raising children while also taking care of their elderly parents — and they often have a hard time juggling all their responsibilities. Compounding their stress is the fact that they have to hold down a full-time job.

But just as there are day care centers and nannies to help busy parents care for their children, there are also services to assist with the day-to-day caretaking of older adults. Particularly if your parent does not live with you, but isn’t quite able to take care of themselves, in-home caregivers can be a godsend.

So what kinds of tasks can in-home caregivers assist with? Let’s take a look!

Assistance with bathing and dressing

As people age, they may face mobility challenges that make it difficult to take a shower or a bath, as well as to dress themselves. Caregivers are there by their sides to make sure that these activities are accomplished safely and efficiently.

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Assistance with Housekeeping

Again, mobility issues can hamper a senior’s ability to vacuum, sweep, mop, and scrub. An in-home caregiver can take care of daily housekeeping chores, like sweeping, doing laundry, washing the dishes, and more.

Assistance with Meal Preparation

Older Americans sometimes have trouble making healthy meals for themselves. An older woman may find it hard to cook for just herself, after years of preparing dinners for an entire family. Some older men may never have learned how to cook at all, and instead turn to microwave meals for their sustenance.

In-home carers can not only put together meals for their charges while they are there, but can prepare several days’ worth of healthy, tasty dinners or lunches. That way, the seniors don’t have to do much, but still get a great home cooked meal.

Assistance with Medication

While in-home caregivers are not nurses and cannot provide medical treatment of any kind, they can make sure that the senior is taking his or her medication at the right time and under the right circumstances. When someone is taking many different medications, some of them multiple times a day, and with multiple restrictions as to whether they can be taken with food, it can be lifesaving — literally — to have someone overseeing the medication schedule.

Assistance with Pet Care

Pets can be invaluable companions for the elderly, who might otherwise face loneliness. Having a furry companion has been shown to reduce blood pressure, among other health benefits. Caring for a pet, however, can be difficult. Taking a dog on twice-daily walks, or hauling heavy boxes or bags of kitty litter into the home, can take a toll. Caregivers can do these tasks, leaving the senior free to enjoying the companionship.

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In-home caregivers can provide a range of services, not least of which is companionship for senior Americans who may live far from family, or who are unable to get out and visit friends.


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