In today’s world where everyone wants a house with the flair of luxury and style with comfort, that is place where conservatories strike. Conservatories are an extension of a house mostly made up of glasswalls and glass roof, giving it a perfect look for every occasion.


In conservatories people generally go for glass but there are other varieties too. In this section we will talk of roofs only as of now sohere are some examples along with their pro and cons.

(a) GLASS ROOF- Conservatories with glass roof are more common than any other kind of roof. They give spacious feel to your house and during wintersdays they will give you enough sunlight to warm you up, though during winter nights the floor and the atmosphere becomes so cold that one has to use conservatory roofs insulating blinds, so that at nights it keeps the conservatory warm storing heat from daytime and could protect you from intense heat on summer days. Glassed roof conservatories also need maintenance such as cleaning, repairing etc

(b) GUARDIAN ROOF SYSTEM- This is a conservatory with tiled roof which looks classy too though the feel of openness is a bit less than the glassed roof system, but the pro of this type of roof is that it can be used all around the year with equal amount of ease and comfort day and night. Tiled roof system is good for reliability and maintenance purposes.

So these are the type of roofs one can look for if they want a conservatory and the key things to be kept in mind before installing any roof type. Conservatories are a must in an open house giving a feel of freedom, where one can enjoy and feel like at home.

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