Could Yorkshire Accommodate Further Warehouse Development in the Future?

The case for more and bigger industrial development in Yorkshire remains strong, with more people now speaking our regarding what they would like to see than ever before. If you are currently looking for an industrial unit in Yorkshire therefore you could be luck, research has suggested that Yorkshire is most definitely able to accommodate further warehouse development, creating more warehouse for people to take advantage of and making business boom in Yorkshire even more than it already is doing?

Did you know that Yorkshire has recently been named the happiest place to work in the whole of Britain? In line with this it only makes sense for as many warehouses as possible to be put in place, after all is that not what we all want – Happiness?

Data Findings

Yorkshire’s story to support speculative development is most probably the strongest in the entire UK, with average annual take-up in the Yorkshire region over the previous 5 years reaching 3.35 million sqft, beating the long-term average in each of these years. Looking back at data from 2007 over 60% of all transaction activity has been for unit over 200,000 sqft, however the average size unit taken in 2016 was 210,000 – Showing a rising demand for warehouses and larger industrial units in Yorkshire.

With minimal industrial units available to rent for businesses in Yorkshire currently, people are screaming out for more to be built – with people’s current options either being commissioning built to suit units or taking poorer quality ones which aren’t what they really want and require work to make them suitable for their operations.

Don’t Panic

Although this might sound shocking to you and make you think that perhaps Yorkshire is not the best place for you to move your business operations to right now, this is not the case at all.  Yorkshire is by far the best place to work in the UK and although there are minimal warehouses and industrial units to choose from currently there are some available for let from leading property companies such as Wharfedale Property.

Moving now could save you a lot of money, as if peoples dreams do come true and Yorkshire decides to become home to bigger and newer warehouses and industrial units these could be expensive and in high demand. Why not move to Yorkshire whilst it is affordable and prove yourself and your company before getting your very own building?

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