3 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Add On Porch

Porch or deck or patios are a great way to extend the area of your house and enjoy the warm weather whenever the sun is out. However, it costs money to add a porch Minnesota to the house. In some cases, it can be a costly affair. But if you plan it the right way and execute the porch project accordingly, then you can shave off some costs and save money. Here are 3 tips that can help you reduce the cost.

  1. Look for Reused Wood

You can look to use wood that has been previously used for some other structure. This can cut down your costs tremendously because new lumber costs a lot more than reused wood. At times, you can get it for free! You can visit lumber yards or local dumping yards or even other construction sites for such reused wood.

  1. Get Pavers from Rejected Orders

If you are going to use pavers in the porch design, then you can look for orders that have been rejected or the pavers that have been returned because of damage. Many times when pavers get moved from one place to another, they bump into each other and develop a crack or a small dent. You can get hold of such stock of rejected pavers for a pretty low price. In most cases, these cracks or dents won’t even be visible to people who are not looking with a microscopic vision.

  1. Use Coloured Concrete

Cement porches are gaining popularity due to the unique look they give to the backyards. A lot of concrete slabs get rejected due to the coloured concrete stains that are developed on them. You can get hold of these stone for a fairly low sum and use them in your porch.

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